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Top 10 Fashion Wraps of November '15Top 10 Fashion Wraps of November '15

Good December morning to you!

While you’re making preparations for the Chrismtas and New Year celebrations, soaking dried fruit in rum for season cakes, I’m here to treat you with a new beauty digest, hoping to help you find the wrap of your Christmas dream. 
Since we are trendy girls, we’ll be creating our winter looks, as well as special Christmas outfits, looking at spring-summer and even early prefall collections. Planned and purchased beforehand, the must-haves of the coming year will put us one step ahead.

Paisley Pattern: From India With LovePaisley Pattern: From India With Love

Paisley is a famous pattern based on the shape of a droplet. This element has a lot of variations, and it gives infinite room for designers’ and artists’ creative imagination. The figures can be tiny or large, multicolored or painted with tints and shades of just one hue. They can be simple and clean, or decorated with intricate swirls, waves, patterns. There are a lot of theories explaining the pattern’s origin and the meaning behind it. One can view it as a floral motif, life awakening symbol, or as fire flames, source of warmth and protection, or as tears of joy and relief. Paisley came into everyday fashion not so long ago, but it has already won affection of many fashionistas.

Ulyana YurievaUlyana Yurieva

Mother of 3 kids, architect, collector of babywraps, owner of mothers’ clothes shop (Wrapfun shop), fashion stylist.

Top 10 Fashion Wraps of October '15Top 10 Fashion Wraps of October '15

Mid-fall is a strange time of quiet: autumn trends have been presented and discussed, and it’s a long wait before we see the spring-summer and cruise collections. We wrap ourselves in snug warm blankets (although I believe that most of my readers wear their fancied old babywraps as shawls). And this is also the time when we can take a better look at the news from our favourite wrap manufacturers and industry newcomers, find out if their creations follow the world fashion trends or if they go their own way.