Top 10 Fashion Wraps of October '15
Top 10 Fashion Wraps of October '15

Mid-fall is a strange time of quiet: autumn trends have been presented and discussed, and it’s a long wait before we see the spring-summer and cruise collections. We wrap ourselves in snug warm blankets (although I believe that most of my readers wear their fancied old babywraps as shawls). And this is also the time when we can take a better look at the news from our favourite wrap manufacturers and industry newcomers, find out if their creations follow the world fashion trends or if they go their own way.

I am absolutely delighted with this autumn’s public favourite, Gucci collection by Alessandro Michele. Many babywearing moms sympathize with the vintage-inspired look of a nerdy bookworm, because the wrap easily adds to this look, naturally completing this multilayered silhouette. Elaborate color symphony suits us too: see, for example, Artipoppe delft for superman wrap


It’s not only a luxe blend of wool, cashmere and silk, but also an enigmatical ornate pattern and rich color. Add a beret, horn rims, pleated skirt… And there’s a matching look for the dad :)

Gucci fall/winter 2015

Gucci fall/winter 2015

Or let’s take the classics of Didymos, Lisca pattern, looking like a relic from my grandma’s fabric stock. Didymos Liska Fjell will make a fine match to a common wool trouser suit or a vintage motheaten fur coat.

Gucci fall/winter 2015

Another active trend of 60s and 70s optical prints is represented this fall by several manufacturers. My personal favourite is Wauggl Bauggl’s panta rhei saint tropez. What a cheery outfit it might make in a mix with Miu Miu f/w 2015.

Miu Miu  fall/winter 2015

Here’s a more classic interpretation of this trend: 


Is a bit last season, but it is a great pattern to toy with the geometry style of the 60s, and it’s perfectly in line with the current monochrome trend.

Chanel winter/fall 2015

9_13_11_2015.jpeg 10_13_11_2015.jpeg

Belorussian designers of Heartiness are ladies of fashion, and in tune with Chanel, Prada and Missoni they will color your Autumn in pastel shades.

Missoni fall/winter 2015

Why not? The sweet colors of the macarons pallette are always so becoming on our angel-like babies.
Pollora, a German manufacturer, took a step further and produced a  range of sweet exclusive wraps.

Prada fall/winter 2015

By the way, the laconic white textured Pavo wraps are also in trend, enough to look at the comfy Max Mara sets.

Max Mara fall/winter 2015

Neovictorian, gothic and at the same time ethnic collection by Givenchy could shock you by the bewildering abundance of face jewelry on the models. It’s hardly a trend that moms could appreciate: I immediately picture my son delightedly pulling my nose-ring with that special laugh of his. But if you like the style, you can still toy with that dark romantic image, rooted in street fashion: black lacework, velvet and sparkling Minako Fern to power you.

Givenchy fall/winter 2015

The international tendency to use similar patterns on clothes, furniture and draperies is something that wrap producers have anticipated long ago. And now there’s a fine match to my beloved ‘curtain’ Oscha: Valentino (fall 2015) or Givenchy again.

Valentino fall/winter 2015

And the enigmatic attires in Simone Rocha style can be completed with the sofa patterns the Bijou wear и Pavo wraps.

Simone Rocha fall/winter 2015


And the prize for the most puzzling design goes to... 


I can’t even start guessing what effect they wanted to produce with this plain flat color and odd pattern. I’d really want all the wrap manufacturers to realize that wraps are expected to look better than diapers, by far.

And now that you’ve got your dose of esthetic radiation, I say good bye till December, with a review of the November babywearing market.

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