Ulyana Yurieva
Ulyana Yurieva

Short bio

Born: 06 Oct 1983
Lives in Moscow, Russia
2007, 2010, 2014
Moscow Architectural Institute
Wrap stash: 
over 60

About me

Mother of 3 kids, architect, collector of babywraps, owner of mothers’ clothes shop (Wrapfun shop), fashion stylist.

With the birth of my first daughter in 2007 I started to build up my wrap stash, and by my son’s birth it amounted to about 60 wraps. 
My collection is a kind of extention to my wardrobe. I have casual wear wraps: for the “office” (I do often take kids to work), for a meeting with friends, for a walk around Moscow or for a ride to the country. Theatre, museum, visiting friends: different occations require different kinds of wraps. Beside that there’s seasonality, and different carry types require different wrap sized (and that’s why I own 2 sizes of some wraps), and child age… To sum it all, I have wraps for all occations. 

Photo: Tatiana Shylova


Minimalism is obviously not my thing :) Each time we travel, I prepare a set of wraps based on the place we go to.

Usually I don’t care much if the wrap is rare of special, as I’m mostly interested in its appearance: color, pattern, texture. And only then I check fabric hand, wearability, other characteristics.

I can’t imagine a situation when I would have to do with only one wrap, but if this happened, I think I would keep one of the beautiful Heartiness wraps with Beta pattern, maybe the black and gold one, with silk filing. Or one with cashmere-silk, my favourite blend. I have a unique wrap I won in a contest: Didymos exclusive Natur waves cashmere/silk. Color combinations are very important too: I love complex, deep, contrasting color schemes.

Photo: Anastasia Ladyzhenskaya

My fascination with wraps evolved into a profound interest in fashion: I began to study the history of fashion, collections, started to attend Fashion Weeks in Moscow.

Whenever I go out, it’s usually with kids, so I take it as my duty to look modern and stylish wearing a wrap. After lots and lots of experiments, I created my golden rules of the babywearing style architecture, and I follow them daily.

In 2015 I started to get professional education in fashion and to work as personal style consultant and lecturer.

Additional info 

Uliana has designed babywearing coat Wrapfun Cocoonwrap (#cocoonwrap #слингококон)

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