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Yaro Slings

We have a handful of these unreleased, beautiful La Fleur's up for grabs! An earthy combo of dark-green and natural, with bourette silk. Only available in size 6. This wrap is soft from the start, suitable for all. Great to use in hot/humid weather. A beautiful drape, easy wrapping experience and a cool feel.

40% bourette silk / 60% cotton,
230g/m2, aprox. 75cm width.
85€ for a size 6.

Enter this draw today:
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Just in:

Opt for an essential piece with this baby wrap crafted in fresh white-hued linen. Team yours with denim for a luxurious downtime feel. This wrap is very suitable for new wrappers. It is perfect for carrying newborn babies, but will last as long as you decide to wear your child. Best choice for hot weather babywearing.

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Oscha Slings
:bird: Briarwood Evensong :bird:
~To be released Friday~

Our new Arts & Crafts inspired, Boutique wrap is woven with a luxurious hybrid weave. The black Tencel warp forms a backdrop for a bright turquoise blue Tencel & rich purple-blue toned Cosy cotton weft to shimmer through.

Tencel is soft and strong while thick Cosy cotton adds a lovely textured feel to this gorgeous sling - supportive enough for young toddlers and malleable enough for little ones, this is a stunning,...
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Yaro Slings
Chrys Puffy Beige Wool Glam - grab one of the few options left now!
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Yaro Slings
70% bio cotton / 30% bio linen,
310g/m2 post wash,
width - aprox 69cm,
95€ for a size 6.

Introducing our new 'Xi', in a wonderful organic mix of cotton and linen. This wrap has a fierce look, strong and airy feel and is comfortable with all ages. A moderate breaking in period is needed, but a good first ironing session gives you already a headstart. Great grip holds your wrapjob in place very easily and well, even on those long, summer-night walks. Once broken in, this wrap will also be great...
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Альбом: Yaro Xi Ultra Teal Silver Linen Organic
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Oscha Slings
:blue_heart: Orion Skirl & Anaïs Sky :blue_heart:
~To be released tomorrow~

A beautiful variety of blues will be released on the site tomorrow.

Orion Skirl features a stunning blue and green pinstriped warp while new pattern, Anaïs Sky's light blue weft brings a fresh summery feel.

These stunning wraps will be released tomorrow, 4th May, at 4pm (BST).

Photography: Studio Pierre 2 Lune
Vannessa Brown Photography
Kirsty McLachlan

Join our community: Clan Oscha
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Lightness, airiness of feathers mixed with the vivid colours of the rainbow! The combination is breathtaking!

Painted Feathers Rainbow Dark (100%cotton, 280g/m2) will be available on Friday, May 4th at 2 PM CEST in the whole range of products!

Information for our wholesale partners: this pattern belongs to III price group.
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Emmeline Textiles
Sanibel Squares stocks Friday on our website with an option in size 8-10.

100% cotton.

Image: Black Woman with short hair and glasses looks to the right. She has a purple and ivory baby wrap with a square pattern around her and knotted at the shoulder. She’s outside at a park and the background is blurred.
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* Release the Sunkissed Kiss *


100% famous Pinknova Cotton, approx 300 gr/m2

An eye-catching easycare allrounder in a vibrant yellow color that makes you yearn for the summer. Dense and supportive to keep your little one secure and close. After a little bit of breaking in suitable for all.

Prices excluding shipping. Limited available.
Size 6 €205, Size 5 €195, Size 4 €185
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The sound of the sea soothes your senses. Sand heats your foot. You can hear the calls of the seagulls from the distance. The sun warms you with its glare. Dive into this amazing atmosphere. Seize the moment.

Today’s pattern LARINA (290g/m2, 65% cotton, 35% silk) tentatively calls for summer. Larina will be
available tomorrow, May 02 at 14:00 PM CET.

Information for our wholesale partners: Larina belongs to the VI price group.
Альбом: Larina
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Luluna Slings
Approx. 290 gsm

Deer Lovers,

Sweet, shimmering, shiny, and gorgeous - these words are the best to describe our new Geo Deer wrap! <3
If you are looking for something extraordinary this wrap will be perfect for you! ;)
We want to remind you something about the blend.
Pima cotton is a prized material that came from Indian tribes. From Latin - Gossypium barbadense, known especially for theirs long threads, yellow flowers, and black seeds. Length of threads makes it a desirable choice for many products since it can be woven into soft dense fabric. What is very important, this fiber fulfills GOTS standard (Global Organic Textile Standard). It means that PIMA cotton its free from genetic modifications. This material is perfect for baby wraps because of its great properties! They are light to wear, yet provide superior warmth. This fiber mixed with combed cotton makes the wrap very soft from the first touch and durable from the first wear.
Since the glitter is woven using the older weaving process, we want to give you a nice discount for the wraps! :)
Please check these awesome prices!

Size 6 (4,6m) 1st grade for €129 (before €159)
Size 4 (3,6m) 1st grade for €119 (before €149)
Size 3 (3,2m) 1st grade for €99 (before €129)
Ring Sling size L 1st grade for €89 (before €109)
Ring Sling size M 1st grade for €79 (before €99)
Size 6 (4,6m) 2nd grade for €119 (before €149)
Size 5 (4,2m) 2nd grade for €109 (before €139)
Ring Sling size M 2nd grade for €69 (before €89

Everyone who wants to purchase a wrap, please email us at [email protected] <3
Remember to include the size of the wrap you’d like to buy and of course your PayPal address!
If you don't have PP please add info that you want to pay via bank transfer.
The draw lasts until April 30th and we will send a message to happy winners few minutes after 10 am CEST that day. You have 1h to make a payment once you receive invoice from us.
The shipping cost is to be covered by the buyer.
Luluna <3
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Emmeline Textiles
Grace Napa stocking in 20 mins!

Photo Credit: Greetings from Dallas

Image: Black woman shown from side, wearing a denim dress and a baby in jeans on her back in a purple and ivory striped baby wrap. She’s turned to the right and is in front of a brick wall. He face isn’t visible.
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