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Dahlia wrap
In the wood chapter II
74% coton/cotton, 26% merino lavable/easy care
310 GSM
Mise en disponibilité: Mercredi à midi
Release: Wednesday at noon

Édition spéciale bicolore de 6 écharpes issues de la production de la collection d'automne In the wood.

Special edition of 6 bicolored wraps from our ''in the wood'' fall collection.

Prix en dollar canadien/ Prices in Canadian dollars

Taille 4: 219.99$
Taille 6: 239.99$
Taille 7:...
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Baie Slings
Trowen Sugar Snap will be available from 7pm Thursday 21st, September from our website shop

Sugar Snap is a bright, vivid pairing of lime green on emerald green. It is similar to our Trowen Clover fabric but with the vibrancy turned up! It is 100% Combed Cotton, 260gsm and in our Plush weave. It is soft and easy to wrap with and has a beautiful fluidity.

Prices are:
£79 - Ring Sling
£88 - size 3 (3.2m)
£97 - size 4 (3.7m)
£106 - size 5 (4.2m)
£118 - size 6 (4.7m)
£127 -...
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Rise Rose

Pre orders open!

100% Pinknova's famous cotton, approx 285 gr/m2.

No introduction needed for this amazing Pink Rise. Two tones of pretty Pink on ecru. This Rose is suitable for all and easy to care for.

To pre order please complete te following form

Pre orders are shipped within 2 weeks.
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VertiStern Remmidemmi

75% kbA Baumwolle
25% Leinen
Classic Webung
ca 290g

Erdig, sanft, warm, weich, stark und wundervoll.
Ein kleiner Spätsommergruß aus Knopfhausen!
Dieser Knopf eignet sich ausnahmslos für alle und ist zudem ein Easycare-Schatz.


1x Sz 4 EUR 229,-- inkl
3x Sz 6 EUR 249,-- inkl
2x Sz 7 EUR 259,-- inkl

Verpackung und Versand:

A: 6,--
EU: 12,--
CH: 16,--
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RELEASE: Veer Lovebird
100% cotton, ~270gsm

Es wird langsam Herbst. Die Blätter färben sich von grün, über rot, zu braun... Lovebird hat einen erfrischenden Farbverlauf, besteht aus 100% hochwertiger Baumwolle und ist passend für alle.

1x Size 3 (175 CHF/€), 4x Size 6 (205 CHF/€), 1x Size 7 (215 CHF/€)

Die Wunschliste ist offen bis 19. September - 21 Uhr:

Photos: Life Art Photography CH
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Ever have one of those days that everything just goes so right? Washing folded, toddler sorted, baby asleep before you even tie off?
You've got that Midas touch!
The second Rexi colour way will dazzle its way into your heart featuring a cool grey cotton warp, with a lush mustard superwash wool woven alongside a luminous ginger Tencel which creates an overall gold on silver effect.

Cool enough to wear year round due to the combination of thermoregulating...
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The fall is coming and the bad weather strikes! But in LennyLamb we believe in chasing the rainbows! New rainbow Big Love on black warp has very saturated colors and bring energy to your life! Big Love is an intricately woven heart weave, which makes fabric soft and very supportive.

BIG LOVE RAINBOW DARK (100% cotton, 280g/m2) will be available in the whole range of products tomorrow, September 19th at 2 PM CEST!
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Name: Grove Grapevine
Weight: 305gsm
Blend: 63% Pima cotton, 37% bourette silk, Oeko-tex certified.
Same blend wrap: Astra Inscrutable
Care: hand wash in lukewarm water with a detergent suitable for silk.
Suitable for: all
Breaking in: low
What makes this wrap special: stable, bandagey, grippy, easy to wrap with
- size 3 (ca 3,20m post wash) - 250€ (210,08€ without VAT)
- size 4 (ca 3,70m post wash) - 270€ (226,89€ without VAT)
- size 5 (ca 4,20m post wash) - 290 € (243,69€ without VAT)
- size...
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:ear_of_rice::sunny::ocean:Feel the sunshine on your face, the sea breeze and the smell of harvested yields with Sibillinya pattern!:ocean::sunny::ear_of_rice:

Sibillinya was made with passion and love to the nature! :herb::two_hearts:

The pattern represents a central Mandala Sunflower between wheat spikes and poppies, on top, and waves of our sea, a mountain top and our winds under it....
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68% Egyptian cotton, 26% tussah silk, 6% seaweed, 310 gr/m2, cloudberry weave

Release: 18.9.2017, 20:00 CEST at

size 7 - 430€, size 6 long - 410€, size 6 - 400€, size 5 - 370€, size 5 short - 360€, size 4 - 340€

Black and gray, combined with white and shades of blue tussah silk. The wrap has a raw look with huge nubs and slubs. Tussah silk might contain small pieces of straw which will come out with wash and use. Woven in our signature cloudberry weave, this...
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Album: Fern Sky High
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:woman::girl::boy::heartpulse: Express your love to babywearing with this beautiful Family Tree pattern:heartpulse::man::girl::boy:

:deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree:PreOrder this breathtaking wrap at::deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree:
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SchneckenHerz Elli
55 % kbA Baumwolle
40 % Baumwolle
5% Viskose
ca 320g
Classic Webung

Endlich liegen sie hier, die Multikuschler!
Ein unsagbar feines und weiches Tragegefühl, gemischt mit Komfort, der seinesgleichen sucht.

Unsere Multikuschler sind ganz besondere Tücher, die durchaus für alle geeignet sind, bitte behaltet jedoch im Hinterkopf, dass das Gewebe sehr bauschig und dick ist - evtl ist es für ein Newborn noch etwas zu viel Tuch :)


Sz 6...
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Top 10 Fashion Wraps of November '15Top 10 Fashion Wraps of November '15

Good December morning to you!

While you’re making preparations for the Chrismtas and New Year celebrations, soaking dried fruit in rum for season cakes, I’m here to treat you with a new beauty digest, hoping to help you find the wrap of your Christmas dream. 
Since we are trendy girls, we’ll be creating our winter looks, as well as special Christmas outfits, looking at spring-summer and even early prefall collections. Planned and purchased beforehand, the must-haves of the coming year will put us one step ahead.

Paisley Pattern: From India With LovePaisley Pattern: From India With Love

Paisley is a famous pattern based on the shape of a droplet. This element has a lot of variations, and it gives infinite room for designers’ and artists’ creative imagination. The figures can be tiny or large, multicolored or painted with tints and shades of just one hue. They can be simple and clean, or decorated with intricate swirls, waves, patterns. There are a lot of theories explaining the pattern’s origin and the meaning behind it. One can view it as a floral motif, life awakening symbol, or as fire flames, source of warmth and protection, or as tears of joy and relief. Paisley came into everyday fashion not so long ago, but it has already won affection of many fashionistas.

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