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Ethos Babywearing
Tell all your Potter loving friends! You can order through size 10 along with convertibles and all of our custom accessories.

Ethos Quest, a Harry Potter inspired design, is up for another colorway! This time we are introducing a smaller scale pattern and a new monochrome colorway (that will be easy to over dye for a truly customized wrap). This run of Quest is to be woven in the US on a warm ivory Egyptian Cotton warp with a black Egyptian Cotton weft.

Prices Excl. Shipping

S/M Ring Sling...
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Versatile colors are her favorite ; Joséphine B. is coming out in earthy natural tones. Its bronze-green tint is inspired by moss and earth. Despite a dark appearance, it is combined to a silvery weft and remains nonetheless warm.
Moldable and supportive, Joséphine B. Dans la Forêt is suitable for smaller babies as well as toddlers. Head over to our international group for a detailed and complete review through different seasons made by Lotta:...
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Album: Joséphine B. Dans la Forêt
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RELEASE: Mini Hawe Alcedo
81% cotton 18% linen 1% glitter, ~280gsm

Mittelschweres, zeitloses Tragetuch. Türkisfarbenes Leinengarn und silber Glitzer auf schwarz. Dieses Tuch ist griffig, stabil und nach nur kurzen Kuscheleinheiten bereits weich. Passend für alle.

1x Size 4 (225 CHF/€), 1x Size 5 (235 CHF/€), 2x Size 6 (245 CHF/€), 1x Size 7 (255 CHF/€), 1x Ring Sling (190 CHF/€)

Die Wunschliste ist offen bis Morgen - 11 Uhr:

Photos: VR Photography
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Argus 18 ct. 100% cotton. Perfect heavyweight mercerized cotton blend in fluid gold! Release: 16:00 CET today. The first is yours @misslilysilva :yellow_heart: #artipoppe #youdeserveit
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Pellicano Baby
***Draw to purchase*** FolkArt Puya

Dears, FolkArt on the, scene again. This time in your favourite colors - black and turquoise. This composition created great contrast and the wrap became elegant and expressive. The elegance at its best will enhance every outfit so the wrap is great both for women and men. The mixture of combed cotton of highest quality makes the wrap very soft and silky. The weight is about 280g/m2. Due to its softness it can be recommended from the first days of child's...
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Diamonds for Louan
55% kbA Baumwolle
40% Baumwolle
5% Viskose
Classic Webung
ca 330g

Bis Montag dürfen wir es noch bestaunen und bewundern, ehe das edle Stück Stoff Knopfhausen verlässt und auf Reisen zu euch geht.
Watteweich. Ein Blend der nicht zu Vergleichen ist und der deinen Schatz mit Leichtigkeit und jeder Menge Fluff auf deinen Schultern trägt.
ach ja und: ein Hingucker, versteht sich von selbst <3


Sz 6 EUR 349,-- inkl
Versand: heute geschenkt, wir geben unsere Weihnachtsgutschrift direkt an euch weiter!


20.00/ 30 min

Viel Glück liebe Grünknopf-Fans!!!

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FUX Monochrome
100% kBa Baumwolle
Classic Webung
ca 250g
Ecru / Black

Tatjana für diesen Namensvorschlag gibts nen Freepass, danke!

Unser neues Fux Design, ohne Schnick Schnack. Verspielt, aber klar und erwachsen kommt der Knopf butterweich aus der Box zu euch!

Verfügbar ist Fux heute:

2x Sz 6 EUR 225,-- inkl
Versand und Verpackung: A: 6,-- EU: 12,-- CH: 16,--

Wenn du diesen seltenen Schatz kaufen möchtest, dann kommentiere bitte diesen Post! Wir geben unsere zwei...
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** Omega #1 open via draw **

It is showtime for Omega #1! Extraordinary and grand!
A luxurious denim colored blend with all the glitters to make a stunning appearance in the Holiday season.
Soft as a cloud in just a wash and wear away. Suitable for all!

58% Cotton, 30% Wool, 7% Cashmere, 5% glitter, 320 gr/m2.

Prices incl VAT, excluding Shipping
Scarf €250, Size 3 €330, Size 4 €345, Size 5 €360, Size 6 €375

To purchase, please complete the...
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Nona Woven Wraps
Juno Caprotina

Should I give up,
Or should I just keep chasing pavements?
Even if it leads nowhere,
Or would it be a waste?
Even If I knew my place should I leave it there?
Should I give up,
Or should I just keep chasing pavements?
Even if it leads nowhere

~ Adèle – Chasing Pavements

Juno Caprotina
Release 2016-09 – 278gr/m2 – 100% cotton

We offer the last few of Juno Caprotina with a discount of 25% in our new Nona Woven Wraps Webshop!

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Oscha Slings
:crescent_moon: New Additions to the After Dark Collection:crescent_moon:
~Bloom Silhouette & Libero Delight~

Woven on a fade of rich purple tones, Bloom Silhouette and Libero Delight are two gorgeous additions to our Autumn/Winter Collection.

Read more about the inspiration for the Collection here:

These wraps will be released tomorrow, 17th November, between 4-4:15pm (GMT)

Photography: Katie Goff Photography
Kirsty McLachlan Photography...
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The last but probably the most exciting pattern from Christmas collection is GLITTERING SNOW QUEEN! When the snow squeaks underfoot and the sparkling snowflakes are swirling in the air, it's time to believe in magic!
GLITTERING SNOW QUEEN in frosty colours with glitter will definetely add sparkles to your Christmas!
GLITTERING SNOW QUEEN (96% cotton, 4% metallized yarn; 270g/m2) will be available tomorrow, November 17th at 2 PM CET!
Information for our wholesale partners: this pattern...
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Luluna Slings
60% combed cotton
20% lambswool
20% bourette silk
Approx. 270 gsm

Please welcome FUSION - the dragon and wolf meet again! <3
Today you can purchase this amazing design in a very exclusive blend. You will be surprised by the wilder version of silk. It has a rustic look and smell. It also has really sheen and nubby texture. We mixed this blend with some high quality combed cotton and lambswool. Because of lambswool Fusion Navy of Gray is soft, elastic, and sensitive.
Bourette silk provides the wrap with gorgeous natural neps! These neps, with beautiful shades of navy and gray, give the Fusion an incredible mélange look! We find this wrap very fashionable this Autumn <3
Size 4,6m 1st grade for €194
Size 4,2m 1st grade for €189
Size 3,6m 1st grade for €184
Size 3,2m 1st grade for €179
Ring Sling size S 1st grade for €99 (200 cm before washing)

Everyone who wants to purchase a wrap, please email us at [email protected] Remember to include the size of the wrap you’d like to buy and of course your PayPal address! If you don't have PP please add info that you want to pay via bank transfer.
The draw lasts until November 17th and we will and we will send a message to happy winners before 11 a.m. CET that day
You have 1h to make a payment once you receive invoice from us.
The shipping cost is to be covered by the buyer.
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Top 10 Fashion Wraps of November '15Top 10 Fashion Wraps of November '15

Good December morning to you!

While you’re making preparations for the Chrismtas and New Year celebrations, soaking dried fruit in rum for season cakes, I’m here to treat you with a new beauty digest, hoping to help you find the wrap of your Christmas dream. 
Since we are trendy girls, we’ll be creating our winter looks, as well as special Christmas outfits, looking at spring-summer and even early prefall collections. Planned and purchased beforehand, the must-haves of the coming year will put us one step ahead.

Paisley Pattern: From India With LovePaisley Pattern: From India With Love

Paisley is a famous pattern based on the shape of a droplet. This element has a lot of variations, and it gives infinite room for designers’ and artists’ creative imagination. The figures can be tiny or large, multicolored or painted with tints and shades of just one hue. They can be simple and clean, or decorated with intricate swirls, waves, patterns. There are a lot of theories explaining the pattern’s origin and the meaning behind it. One can view it as a floral motif, life awakening symbol, or as fire flames, source of warmth and protection, or as tears of joy and relief. Paisley came into everyday fashion not so long ago, but it has already won affection of many fashionistas.

If you have any questions or ideas feel free to contact us via e-mail: [email protected]
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