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RELEASE: Veer Mint Sorbet
59% cotton 27% mulberry silk 14% linen, 280gsm
* neue Webung *

Leinen und Maulbeerseide - bekannt von unserem Masterplan - ein unschlagbarer Blend. Ein perfektes und stabiles Sommertuch, und trotz Leinen im Nu eingekuschelt.
Bei 30 Grad in der Maschine waschbar, ist dieses Tragetuch der perfekte Begleiter... von Anfang an.

2x Size 4 (280 CHF/€) , 1x Size 5 (300 CHF/€), 4x Size 6 (320 CHF/€)

Zur Wunschliste:

Photos: The Dukes - Babywearing...
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Ethos Babywearing
Ethos Skjaldmaer Juvel and Yggdrasil are now available in our shop starting at $120
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Cari Slings
Molly’s Owl Post

We are very excited to introduce our newest wraps in our Owl Post Chapter- Molly's Owl Post is woven on an ecru cotton warp and soft coral mercerized cotton weft.

100% cotton, ~290gm2 loom state.

8- $220
9- $230
(Please note that 7s were made but have been spoken for by persons whose previous order oversold)

Molly’s OP will be sold via draw for Right to Buy. The draw will close on Saturday, June 24th at 4pm EST. Once the draw is closed, I will...
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Album: Molly's Owl Post
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Emmeline Textiles
Special release of Partita London. Please enter via this linked form for the opportunity to purchase. Available in sizes 8-12 only. Partita London is woven on our beautiful combed Pima cotton undyed warp with a soft gray weft. There are only a limited number of these wraps available. Payment plans are available. Please let us know if you have any questions! Thank you for your continued support!
This form is to secure the right to purchase one Partita London wrap at retail price. One entry per household. Item must be paid for in full before shipping. Payment Plans are always available. You will have 48 hrs to respond to your invoice once it is sent. Please check your spam folder and watch t...
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«If you love a flower that lives on a star, it is sweet to look at the sky at night. All the stars are a-bloom with flowers..." Antoine Marie Jean-Baptiste Roger de Saint-Exupéry
«Le Petit Prince»

Collection "Wind flower"
Pattern "Galaxy"

«Если любишь цветок — единственный, какого больше нет ни на одной из многих миллионов звезд, этого довольно: смотришь на небо и чувствуешь себя счастливым.» Антуан де Сент-Экзюпери « Маленький принц»

Коллекция "Цветочный ветер"
Паттерн "Галактика"
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Album: Galaxy (hand dyed) "Wind flower"
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DIDYMOS - Das Babytragetuch
Das Ada Muster hat sich in kurzer Zeit zum DIDYMOS Klassiker entwickelt, und wir weben es mit großem Vergnügen in immer neuen Farb- und Materialmischungen.

Die Leinenvariante in viola-azurblau hat schon bei anderen Muster viel Zuspruch bekommen. Beim ADA-Modell sieht dieser Mix auch toll aus.

75% violafarbene Baumwolle und 25% azurblaues Leinen bringen das Muster richtig umwerfend zum Schimmern. 220g/m²

Auch erhältlich als...
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TS Matthis
100% kbA Baumwolle
ca 310g
Classic Webung
Farbmix BlauGrün

Unser TulpenStern im Farbverlauf, irrsinnig weich und comfy.
Ein Traumtuch, das mit Traumfarben Urlaubsfeeling herbeiträgt!
Geeignet für alle <3


Sz 4 EUR 219,-- inkl
Sz 6 EUR 239,-- inkl
Sz 7 EUR 249,-- inkl

A: 6,--
EU/CH: 19,--
ROW: 25,--


19:00 / 30 min.

Viel Glück!
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Yaro Slings
60% cotton / 40% tencel,
250g/m2 post wash,
width - aprox 74cm,
85€ for a size 6.

Remember our Butterflies?! Take a look at this - our Butterflies with a lovely Tencel blend, in a combination of Arctic Sunset and Teal. <3 Soft right from the first wash and will get significantly softer with each use. Easy to wrap with and suitable for most ages. Nice and gentle on your body, easy to take care of.

This wrap has already been released online! Check out our world wide reseller list in our pinned post.
Album: Yaro Butterflies Arctic Sunset Grad Teal Tencel
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Oscha Slings
:deciduous_tree:Ancients of Gondor Lebennin:deciduous_tree:

~To be released during SSF tomorrow, 23rd June~

The lineage of the White Tree is illustrated with an ecru yarn which shines through this gorgeously subtle mirror grad, running from deep forest tones to a soft emerald centre.

46% organic combed cotton, 54% Tencel, 287gsm, 67cm.

Ancients of Gondor Lebennin will be released at the start of our mini-Secret Stash Friday tomorrow, 23rd June, at 2pm (BST).
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Happiness has smell of summer! The touch of sun on your face, blooming meadow and a bowl of strawberries… The wind in your hair, holidays are coming! Little Love Scent of Summer brings smile to every face. Delicate heart weave (240g / m2, 80% cotton, 20% bamboo viscose) is breathable and the cooling bamboo viscose blend makes this fabric comfortable even in hot weather. And the colours - just take a look!

Little Love Scent of Summer will be available as woven wraps, ring slings and ergonomic...
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100% Egyptian cotton, 310 gr/m1, raspberry weave

size 6 - 270€, size 6 short - 260€, size 5 - 250€, size 4 - 230€, size 3 - 210€

Old time favorite Laurus on the grey-turquoise-blue grad. All cotton, all simple, all easy care, all summer and beyond wrap. Our signature raspberry weave and the finest cotton result in a soft but strong wrap suitable for all ages. The wrap is machine washable on regular cotton cycle.

Available at the Solnce Shop:
Album: Laurus Enjoy the Waves
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Name: Petalissimo Go Bananas
Weight: 305gsm
Blend: 25% Pima cotton, 18% linen, 48% viscose, 9% Sea Cell, Oeko-tex certified.
Same blend wrap: yarnlova Go Bananas, yarnlova Detox Smoothie, Petalon Go Flamingo, Petalissimo Carrara
Care: machine wash at 30 degrees Celsius with a liquid detergent, arrives unfinished.
Suitable for: all
Breaking in: low
What makes this wrap special: floppy, textured, easy to wrap with.

size 4 (ca 3,70m post wash) - 260€ (218,49€ w/o VAT)
size 5 (ca 4,20m post wash)...
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Top 10 Fashion Wraps of November '15Top 10 Fashion Wraps of November '15

Good December morning to you!

While you’re making preparations for the Chrismtas and New Year celebrations, soaking dried fruit in rum for season cakes, I’m here to treat you with a new beauty digest, hoping to help you find the wrap of your Christmas dream. 
Since we are trendy girls, we’ll be creating our winter looks, as well as special Christmas outfits, looking at spring-summer and even early prefall collections. Planned and purchased beforehand, the must-haves of the coming year will put us one step ahead.

Paisley Pattern: From India With LovePaisley Pattern: From India With Love

Paisley is a famous pattern based on the shape of a droplet. This element has a lot of variations, and it gives infinite room for designers’ and artists’ creative imagination. The figures can be tiny or large, multicolored or painted with tints and shades of just one hue. They can be simple and clean, or decorated with intricate swirls, waves, patterns. There are a lot of theories explaining the pattern’s origin and the meaning behind it. One can view it as a floral motif, life awakening symbol, or as fire flames, source of warmth and protection, or as tears of joy and relief. Paisley came into everyday fashion not so long ago, but it has already won affection of many fashionistas.