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Taina K.
#080 'Charlie / Nightfall'

Advancing twill weave, mercerized cotton weft, ring sling. (400gsm)

Warp: 62% bamboo (rayon), 38% mercerized cotton and tiny bit glitter (PE/PA)
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We're excited to welcome our newest collaboration with Baby Tula!

The first release of 'Summit' Tula Wrap Conversions will be on Sunday, January 21st, at 3PM PDT, on
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The Latino Week wouldn't be complete without the representation of Spain! We have a wonderful surprise for you - the cooperation with @Alma Obregón<3
The Cookies&Dreams by Alma pattern is inspired by the logo and design of the company Cookies & Dreams! 10% of the customer's purchase price will be forwarded to Fundación Querer, chosen by Alma Obregon!
Please note that neither Cookies & Dreams nor Alma Obregon receives any financial consideration for this collaboration.
The pre-order Cookies & Dreams by Alma is open until February 7th and has to paid in advance including shipping until February 8th. Orders will be shipped until the end of February. Cookies&Dreams by Alma pre-order are custom products and cannot be cancelled or returned if they have been already made.
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Everyone deserves a Fairy Godmother. <3

Get yours now!
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Vous savez qu'on fait les soldes ? :D Aujourd'hui l'écharpe Orange Terra à - 20% et encore disponible en deux tailles. 100% Coton Oeko-Tex et tissée avec amour ==>>
.- Sécurité et confort pour bébé - Portage physiologique, respectueux de l’anatomie de l’enfant - Lien renforcé parents-bébé - De la naissance à 3 - 4 ans - Au quotidien et pour les loisirs Porter son bébé permet de répondre à ses besoins naturels. L’écharpe Néobulle offre un .....
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We are excited to announce the limited stocking of our newest design in our Etsy Shop: Adamas Panda.

The Adamas design is new to the Tekhni family. The perfect balance between floral and geometric design, this pattern resonates timeless elegance in the Panda colorway; a shimmering contrast of jet black cotton and natural linen. Suitable for from birth to toddlerhood, Adamas only gets softer and richer with use.

size 3: $178 • size 4: $183 • size 5: $188 • size 6: $193 • size 7: $198...
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Our Palmera Dreamer webstocking goes live in just under an hour! Let your imagination run wild while you dream away the day in the summery Palmera Dreamer.
A delicate candy red created by blending together a bright raspberry cotton and a tangerine tencel in the weft across a creamy ecru warp, Dreamer is a positive pop of colour for your day!
Woven from 83% Cotton and 17% Tencel Palmera Dreamer is suitable for Babywearers of all experience levels and babies and...
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Like Satin

Argus Dolores

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Monami Slings

The meadow full of blue tulips in the black bacground. Blue is the colour of peace, relaxing and stimulating creativity. It is the colour that helps us to rest. Black background deepens its nobleness and singularity.
The pattern has been designed especially for Monami Slings.
Tulips Klaire Blue is woven from high quality combed cotton with Oeko Tex Standard 100 certificate that makes it soft from the...
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Argus Mozes. Tonight 21:00 :star:
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Oscha Slings
:ocean: Okinami Aiko :ocean:

Woven with undyed yarns this wrap illuminates the natural colours and textures of this stunning fabric. Thick & supportive this wrap needs a little love to become fully broken in but will quickly become lovely and soft.

An ecru cottolin warp brings strength and malleability, while the alternating weft yarns of organic wetspun linen & a spun wool/cashmere/silk yarn give a unique pinstriped effect to this stunning wrap.

This gorgeous wrap will be...
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DIDYMOS - Das Babytragetuch
Die Tage werden länger und was würde da besser passen als der Frühlingsbote Zephyr. Eine Idee von Maggie Stickney haben wir in diesem Gewebe umgesetzt.
Die Zeilen eines Songs gefallen uns so gut, dass wir sie auch zitieren möchten. Geschickt hat sie uns eine Trageberaterin, nachdem sie das Motiv in unserer Instagramstory das erste Mal gesehen hat,.

In the water where I center my emotion
All the world can pass me by
Fly away on my Zephyr
We’re gonna live forever

(Zephyr Song, Red Hot Chili...
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Top 10 Fashion Wraps of November '15Top 10 Fashion Wraps of November '15

Good December morning to you!

While you’re making preparations for the Chrismtas and New Year celebrations, soaking dried fruit in rum for season cakes, I’m here to treat you with a new beauty digest, hoping to help you find the wrap of your Christmas dream. 
Since we are trendy girls, we’ll be creating our winter looks, as well as special Christmas outfits, looking at spring-summer and even early prefall collections. Planned and purchased beforehand, the must-haves of the coming year will put us one step ahead.

Paisley Pattern: From India With LovePaisley Pattern: From India With Love

Paisley is a famous pattern based on the shape of a droplet. This element has a lot of variations, and it gives infinite room for designers’ and artists’ creative imagination. The figures can be tiny or large, multicolored or painted with tints and shades of just one hue. They can be simple and clean, or decorated with intricate swirls, waves, patterns. There are a lot of theories explaining the pattern’s origin and the meaning behind it. One can view it as a floral motif, life awakening symbol, or as fire flames, source of warmth and protection, or as tears of joy and relief. Paisley came into everyday fashion not so long ago, but it has already won affection of many fashionistas.

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