Didymos - History of the Brand
Didymos - History of the Brand


Country: Germany
Founded in 1972
Website: http://www.didymos.de/en/
Baby carrier types: woven wraps, ring slings, mei tais (‘DIDYtais’)
Price Range: $$ (Standard line woven wraps, mei tais), $$$ (Limited edition/special blend woven wraps), $$$$$ (Rare wraps, secondhand market)


Historic overview

One of the oldest and iconic brands through the history of babywearing, trademark Didymos started in 1972. 


“Didymos” is the Ancient Greek for “twins”. In 1971 Erika Hoffman gave birth to 2 twin daughters, Lisa and Tina, thus becoming a mother of four kids. She happened to have a babysling at her disposal, brought from Central America as an exotic present. This ethnic souvenir turned in really helpful, as it miraculously freed Erika’s hands. Erika tried different types of carry and found some that were best for her. Now she could give her attention to the elder kids, as well as house routines.


By the time the twins grew a bit older, in 1972, people’s interest towards her babywearing method convinced her that she should start her own wrap production and create her own trademark. And this was the beginning of Didymos, now the most famous name in the world of babywearing.

Erika pioneered babywearing in Germany. For that time and place it was a totally innovative idea. Erika actively promoted it through magazines, published articles about babywearing benefits, about the bonding and the happiness it brings. Gradually she became known all over the country.



At first Didymos was a small family business. Erika preferred to start local production in Germany rather than make wraps from imported fabrics. Her task was to develop a high quality fabric that would be elastic for comfortable child support on one hand, and strong and durable on the other hand to withstand regular washing. 


Didymos production has always been and still is ecologically friendly at all stages, no harmful chemicals and no genetically modified plants are used in the process. The same ethics is required from all suppliers. To maintain control and secure the impeccable quality of the fabrics, Didymos work only with few trusted partners and run regular material and product tests by reliable and reputable ecology organizations. 


The brand cares about the ethicality of business, therefore they never outsource to 3rd world country suppliers with low salaries and uncontrolled working conditions. 

Organic cotton used in Didymos production is purchased mostly from Egypt, Turkey and Peru. It comes from biologically controlled sources, it’s grown in natural crop rotation, without any use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or defoliants, and then it’s picked by hand. The magnificent fabric colors are also achieved by the use of the safest dyes only.

Didymos never fails to surprise the market with unique designs, innovative blends.


The standard line of cotton and linen woven wraps has the widest range of colors, patterns and weaves. Limited editions are the brand’s long-time tradition, and the number of wraps in one release varies from hundreds to to…  just one! (in latter case it’s usually sold to donate that money to a charity fund). The price for Didymos wraps therefore may vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Didymos wraps are weaved from: cotton, linen, hemp, bamboo, silk and tussah silk, wool, alpaca and cashmere, ramie, kapok, and even metallic yarn (in 2 releases of Didymos Ice Crystals).

No other manufacturer in the world can compete with Didymos in the total amount of baby-carriers produced, as well as the number of styles and variations. Leaders in the babywearing market, they produce a widest range of wraps, from smooth, thin and cuddly for newborns to thick and tough toddler-friendly ones, from warm winter cashmere woven wraps to cooling silk beauties.


The most famous and popular series by Didymos are Indio, Nino, Waves, Rhombus, Peacocks (Pfau), Fish, double-face cross twills and stripes.

Their DIDYtai provides excellent support of baby body, and one might say it’s a top choice for younger toddlers and even infants.

The right way to pronounce Didymos is with stress on the 1st syllable: dEE-dee-mos. (δίδυμος in greec) 


 an interview with Didymos founder Erika Hoffmann at Didymos headquarters (November of 2014)

P.S. Didymos founder Erika Hoffmann lived a long and happy life. She died in February 2015 at the age of 78. Now Didymos is run by her daughters.


In her memory many baby-wearing moms all over the world shared their feelings and gratitude in social network, tagged #danke_erikahoffmann and #erikahoffmann, e.g.

“Erika Hoffmann started the renaissance of babywearing in Europe. I am thankful to this woman for all the moments of happiness”

“Many thanks to this amazing woman! Baby sling is the best thing that can happen to the mother of a newborn”

“Erika inspired myself and others to not only babywear but to run businesses, family businesses and to feel courageous enough to persevere with love in our hearts.”





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